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My wife, Sue White, and I operate 2 businesses EZ Website Solution and Living With Solutions. WE are now living in Roseville, Michigan but keeping in contact with our Friends in NW Ohio.

  • Living With Solutions mission is to create healthier lives through education and products.
  • EZ Website Solution mission is to make affordable website available to start up and small businesses. This mission is carried out by building Content Management System (CMS) website templates that can be customized to fit a unique business. By using CMS website templates the website owner can easily place their content in the prebuilt template and publish it to the web.



Advantages to CMS
(Content Management Systems)

Low Cost: There are long term saving cost in not having to pay an outside source to make changes to the content.

Easy Customization: A universal layout is created, making pages have similar theme and design without much code.

Easy to Use: CMSs are designed with non-technical people in mind.Simplicity in design allows website content to be update without any training in coding or technical aspects of system maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): CMS websites are also good for SEO.