Step 3: Adding Content and Pictures

You will be adding your content and picture via the editor below.

The most commonly used page/section type in your site will be “WYSIWYG” - which stands for 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get'.

WYSIWYG pages are 'normal' pages, which can contain formatted text, lists, tables, and graphical elements such as lines and images. You can also add hyperlinks – links to other pages, sites, or to downloadable files you've placed in your “media” directory.


This editor functions like most word processing editors do. Pausing the cursor over the icons for some seconds will give you the button title and maybe some helpful tip. If you have used a word processing program like Word or OpenOffice Writer before, you will be familiar with many of the functions and icons.


Your website will come with 3 sections per page that you can add content to. These sections are callled Blocks. Each block acts independent of the other blocks in the page so you must save every time you add/change a block on a page.

Block 1 is the main content. Block 4 is the section below the main content and runs the full lenght of the page. Block 5 is the section in the left side bar


 Now here is the easiest part of all - Publishing your changes to the internet. That is done every time you SAVE.

Note: Advance users might want to use other Blocks as well as the provided 3. There are 7 Blocks all together check out the use of all 7 Blocks -

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