Memo to Community Health and Wellness

To: Community Health and Wellness Guide Members and Guest

From: Larry White

Date: November 26, 2014

Re: Membership to CHWG Website

When I  was  first approached to build the Community Health and Wellness Guide website I thought it was a great idea. I still think it is a great idea and that is why I want to continue the website. I now have full responsibility/ownership for the website. In order to allow more access I have dropped the membership fee, to the website, down to $15.00 per year. Each member will continue to have a full page as before. Because membership fee is so low there will not be a need for a free membership.

I am making these changes to encourage membership growth. The growth will benefit all members through SEO and back links. The more your business is talked about on the internet and the more links to your website the more your business will come up in searches.

In addition I am offering a very special deal to members who do not have their own website. This EZ 1-2-3 Step Website is being offer for $59.00. This website usually sells for hundreds of dollar. However, to help “newbies’ get on the web and promote growth of CHWG I have significantly reduced the price.

I have acquired a website hosting plan that will allow me to host an unlimited amount of unique website and their addresses under the domain name of So the web address would be your business name “.” (Ex. Each person/business taking advance of this offer would get their own website where they would be able to individualize it by adding content including images through a very simple editor. No knowledge of coding is needed and I can teach a lay person how to publish to the web using my EZ 1-2-3 Step Website in 10 minutes.

NOTE: This offer only available to members of Community Health and Wellness Guide

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What do I actually get for $59.00?


 You get a web address (Ex., hosting and the website.



How can this be legit $59.00 per year for a web address, hosting and a website?


We are offering this special deal to encourage membership to Community Health and Wellness Guide.